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(Ages 7-10)
Here at The Ortho Barr we understand how important it is for you to set your child up on a healthy, successful path so that they can confidently interact with the world. We would be honored to play a part in setting them up on that path as confidence and security often begins with one's smile at an early age. We know that you are advocates for your child’s overall health and well-being and we believe it is important to set your child up for success, not to read more
from an orthodontic standpoint, but from a psychosocial standpoint as well as one’s early years are very important in a child’s development. The benefits of bringing your child into The Ortho Barr at an early age would be identifying any potential problems that need to be treated earlier rather than later, monitoring tooth eruption to avoid problems down the road, and establishing an orthodontic home early on. A home whose staff is dedicated to your child having a successful smile transformation.
(Ages 11-17)
Teenage years come with a lot of changes and challenges. One challenge we can help with is eliminating any anxieties, fears, or insecurities regarding your teen’s smile. There are plenty of difficulties and issues for teens to deal with during this time and their smile should not be one of them. In fact, your smile should be something you are proud of. We offer many treatment options to fit varying needs so that we can get your teen on the right treatment plan for them.
(Ages 18+)
Whether or not you have had braces in the past and are coming in for a tune up, or are just beginning your orthodontic journey, The Ortho Barr believes everyone deserves to have a confident smile, no matter your age. We are dedicated to crafting a treatment plan that works for you, financially and functionally. From traditional braces to clear aligners, and everything in between, you can trust us to personalize a plan to help you reach your smile goals.
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“Since day 1, Dr. Barr and his staff have been wonderful to work with! They are all so friendly, provide great service, and are courteous of your time. Dr. Barr is very informative about what the current goals are for your teeth, what you can expect to take place during the time between your current visit and your next visit, and over the months to come which is super helpful! I’d recommend The Ortho Barr to anyone!”

Sloane B.

“The transition to Ortho Barr has been seamless. Our son was ready for braces just as Dr. Barr was getting settled and things went great. He was quick to find a connection with my son and they hit it off. Same great service just a new face!”

Sheila G.

“This is the best orthodontics office in the Upstate! We have driven from Greenville, S. C. for many, many years just to be part of this amazing group of people! All of the staff feels like family to us!”

Tina M.


At The Ortho Barr we believe that everyone deserves to be happy and confident with their smile, no matter their age. Click the button below to start your orthodontic journey today.