Meet the Team

Meet Your

Friendly and experienced

Orthodontic Team

The Ortho Barr team member Danielle

Meet Danielle

“I love seeing our patients grow into a beautiful, confident smile!”

The Ortho Barr team member Brianna

Meet Brianna

“A beautiful smile opens up doors to so many opportunities. Knowing that I have the potential to help someone open those doors brings a smile to my face.”

The Ortho Barr team member Bailey

Meet Bailey

“Being a part of someone’s journey to confidence through their smile never ever gets old!”

The Ortho Barr team member Pat

Meet Pat

“With an office full of women, you can imagine things can get a bit crazy, but Dr. Barr fits right in. He puts up with our crazy and genuinely cares about his staff and patients.”

The Ortho Barr team member Libby

Meet Libby

“The smile on a patient’s face when they see the transformation that braces created – that is why I love my job.”

The Ortho Barr team member Melissa

Meet Melissa

“I love being part of a team that makes beautiful smiles. A team that cares about a patient having a successful experience.”

The Ortho Barr team member Heather

Meet Heather

“I enjoy talking to our patients and parents – really getting to know them on a personal level.”

Image of Gatsby of The Ortho Barr

Meet Gatsby

“I like to visit my dad at his offices where I get lots of pets and treats.”

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